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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Apostolic Bible Institute-Celebration

As we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school we love, I would like to take a moment and look back at the celebration for the 50th anniversary!

And what a celebration it was! The result was not only a special Harvestime episode recorded at the school campus church, but this keepsake record!

Taking duties on music direction here is Rev. David Graham.

This is an exceptionally recorded album and I believe it holds up very well!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ABI Chorale & Brass-God Said It! I Believe It!

They wealth of the Apostolic Bible Institute's musical output seems to have come in the 70s and into the early/mid 80s. This appears to have been released in the late 70s/early 80s because of the comment on the back cover that the school had existed "over 40 years" at this point.

By the time of this record, it appears that Rev. Wendell Gleason moved on. Taking over musical direction are Rev. Robert Sabin for the orchestra and Rev. Don Martin for the chorale.

And who in the United Pentecostal Church isn't acquainted with Rev. Robert Sabin in someway or another. There have been few scholars like him who helped defend the Oneness theology against the critics of the church. He's written and spoken more on the topic than any other minister I can think of.

He also famously split away from the UPC in 1992. His infamous "Letter from Robert A. Sabin, Saint Paul, Minnesota November 1, 1992" ripples through the organization to this day. While others who left the church made ripples in the water, Sabin's departure was like a catastrophic earthquake. However, when he passed away on October 15, 2014, The First United Pentecostal Church on the ABI campus held the funeral service.

Rev. Don Martin became pastor of the Metro Pentecostal Church (formerly Berryhill United Pentecostal Church) on July 1st, 2000.  He has history not only with ABI but also taught at Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis and Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis, IN. He (and his wife) attended Western Apostolic Bible College in Stockton, CA.

I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I did! This is an interesting little fun record!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

ABI Quartet-Something Within

This month it is my pleasure to bring to you a month of music from the Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN! This is to celebrate their 80th anniversary!

Rev. S.G. Norris founded the school and opened it on October 1st, 1937. Since then, countless ministers, musicians, evangelists, missionaries, and more walked through those doors and went out to take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World that they learned from the school we love! (ABI is the school we love!)

The first school was on 464 Pierce Street in St. Paul. Because God blessed them with growth, they moved to 745 Grand Avenue. Today, the campus spans 40 acres at 6944 Hudson Blvd. (Interestingly enough, the back cover of this album has their address listed as 3175 Hudson Blvd! There is no sign online they ever had a building at that address. Today, that address is the home of a Cub Foods grocery store!)

In Bible college music, they are nonpareil. Under the direction of Rev. Wendell Gleason, ABI was the first Bible college to produce a full length record in 1955. They were the pioneers! (It does not seem to be this record. The school was founded in 1937 and, at the time of this recording, it's said to have been "a quarter-of-a-century." That would put this record in 1962. However, upon closer attention, the text on the back cover states the quartet toured in 1966. So there you go! Just a little over "a quarter-of-a-century!")

Rev. Gleason is joined by his oldest son, Gary Gleason, Ken Scirley (I am getting the feeling that was supposed to be Shirley? Not sure, but there sure are no "Scirley"s on Google or Facebook!), and Dan Bolle.

We also get the ABI Trio with Ruth Eikamp, Mary Russell, and Linda Kepler!

The music here isn't revolutionary. It's fairly standard piano and vocal tracks. But it is a true piece of Pentecostal music history that needs to be shared! And with this year being the 80th anniversary of this great institution for Biblical learning, what better time than now to share it?


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

KCC Choir-To The Lord

Finishing off Bible college month, I go from the extreme of the vintage recording I shared on my first post of the month to something more new...well, 23 years old. Newer than most stuff I share here!

It's hard to find a true discography of their albums online. As far as I know, this may be their final recording, but I am not sure.

We have the familiar talents contributing to this record: Doug Davis and Tammy Trout. They are joined by Geron Davis and feature songs written by Shawn Craig (of Phillips, Craig, and Dean fame), Nancy Grandquist, and Nate Sabin. Some real solid UPC talent here! Some of the best of the mid 90s!

Like most of the albums I share here, this is a private press release and long out of print.