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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Christian Life College-Abundant Life

When one often thinks of the Christian Life College from Stockton, CA, they usually think of the Christian Life Center as well. And many reading this may already be familiar with the CLC Youth and CLC Mass Choir CDs, most of which were released under the amazing production of Glen Woodward.

Glen went to CLC in 1986. During his second year in college, he became involved in the music ministry department. There is no doubt that his impact was amazing on the church's and college's music ministry.

But before the incomparable Glen Woodward blessed us with his music ministry, we had this album released five years before he attended the school.

The music minister responsible for this record was Kevin Ward. Information about him and how long he served as music minister for the church is hard to find. Jeff Switzer also contributed his talents to this record. His name is not immediately recognizable, but he was involved in several National Music Ministry Conference recordings under the direction of Lanny Wolfe. And when I "Google" his name with the word "Pentecostal," the first link is actually back to my own page! He was also involved in the Labourers Together project I shared last month!

So before the Christian Life College choir was rebranded as the CLC Youth Choir and CLC Mass Choir, we have this humble record. I am personally not sure how many records were released before Glen got involved with the church and college, but I hope if you know more about past records you take a moment and drop me a note in the comments section! I was lucky to get this record for a very low price from a retired minister who sold his collection to me!

Alas, from 1981, we have this great classic, and you can download it HERE!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

P​.​B​.​I. Sings​-​Joy Bells

For the month of August, I am going to feature music from United Pentecostal Bible colleges!

First up, the Pentecostal Bible Institute, or PBI. They opened in the fall semester of 1945 in Tupelo, MS. (Fun fact: Brother CM Becton was one of 28 freshmen students in that first semester class!)

In the early 1960s they started releasing record albums. One thing of note is that the condition of this record is very good. Not mint, but it has held up well over the years. Unfortunately, the quality of the music is not great. There are some solos that are barely audible on some tracks and some solos that are nearly distorting the microphone on other tracks. While a historic recording, it was clear this was during a time that figuring out how to record a live choir was a challenge.

The choir is composed of students from the Pentecostal Bible Institute. Rev. M.D. Padfield Jr is the choir director here. He also served as president of the school.

While this particular record leaves a lot to be desired in terms of technical issues with the recording, it's a great and historic piece all the same. It is my pleasure to bring it to you today!

You can download this record HERE!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Sounds of Pentecost

In addition to the annual Harvestime Songfests, the Jackson College of Ministries held the annual National Music Ministry Conference. The first of these took place the week of February 9-13, 1976. Dubbed "a week to remember," it is a week to remember quite indeed! And it's been preserved on vinyl for me to share with you today.

The talents involved are a virtual who's who of United Pentecostal Music. This was a meeting of church choir directors and musicians. This first meeting had 250 participants representing the UPCI from 28 states.

There were seminars, sermons, and workshops through the first days of the conference. On Thursday, February 12, featured "The Sounds of Pentecost-A Tribute to Pentecostal Musicians", featuring a concert of the twelve musicians represented here.

You can download the great historic event HERE!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pentecostal Conquerors-Labourers Together

The full title of this record is "Labourers Together"-United Pentecostal Church International Illinois District - Pentecostal Conquerors.

That's quite a mouthful!

For the sake of this archival listing, I have posted it as simply "Pentecostal Conquerors" but make no mistake: this LP is not by a group of that name. This is a special compilation of music recorded by talented ministers and singers from the Illinois District to raise money for the state's Sheaves For Christ fund.

At the time this record was released, Rev. Stanley Chambers was the General Superintendent of the church and Rev. M.J. Wolff led the state district.

Some of the names of the groups here are rather generic or feature last names so, unfortunately, not a lot is know about all the people involved in this record. But I do see it was produced by Doug Davis, who has been involved in many Pentecostal albums, including a few of his own and with the Doug Davis Trio.

You can download this great compilation HERE!