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Friday, July 13, 2018

Evangelos​-​The Love that Jesus Gives​.​.​.​Keeps on Growing

The main name in this recording is David Wasmundt. Under his direction, the Evangelos recorded five albums (so far this is the only one I've found) and ministered and sang at churches, campmeetings, conferences, and crusades from 1972-1978.

This is their final record, released in 1978.

I think one reason their records may be more rare is because of the waves David created in the United Pentecostal Church in recent history. His books regarding the subject of "Neo-Pharissees" (in which he questions the church's outward holiness standards) has certainly caused many to sell off their records or put them into landfills.

In this blog, I do not judge those who may have left or caused divisions. My main focus is first and foremost the music. But I will report those instances when I am aware of them. If that prevents you from listening to this music, so be it.

This is a nice little record. Nothing great, I will admit, but a pleasant piece of easy middle of the road gospel music.

And you can certainly enjoy it here if you wish:

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tupelo Children's Mansion Part Five

It couldn't be a Vacation Bible School Month without another offering from The Tupelo Children's Mansion!

Not sure of the year on this one, but I was amused to see that this was offered on 8-track tape! I believe this would fall within the late 70s/early 80s based on that tidbit of info!

This album doesn't feature nearly as many children singing as some of their other albums, but it's a great record all the same! And, until I found it (still sealed to boot!) I had no idea it existed!

And, as with my previous posts this month, I have written so much about this ministry and their music in four other posts, I really don't have much new to offer as far as insight. So all the better to get to the great music!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ann Grant & the Little Lights-Ye Are the Light of the World

Continuing Vacation Bible School Month with what I personally consider to be Ann Grant's best children's album! This one is chock full of fun, zippy songs for the entire family.

I do not really have a lot of insight to give to this one, given I already wrote two blog posts about Ann and her music and ministry!

So forgive me for this short post, but all the better to get to enjoying this great album all the sooner!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mrs. S.G. Norris Storyteller-...And Again

A little late start to Vacation Bible School Month this year, sorry about that! The truth is this was quite a bear of a record to transfer to digital! It was a "well loved" copy as they say, a lot of scratches and skips. So a lot of time consuming challenges presented in bringing you this record. But rest assured, Vacation Bible School Month brings you another round of classic Pentecostal children's records!

Two years ago I presented "Tell Me Now..."  "...And Again" is clearly the follow up album! Same horse drawing, different kid.

Once again we have four stories, with Sister Norris accompanied by organist Beverly Hicks. The stories are simple and fun. I don't know if kids today will appreciate these vintage stories in the age of short You Tube clips, on demand entertainment, and shortened attention spans. But there's something about listening to a story and using your imagination to picture what's happening that nothing else can replace.

And while I am late getting this album posted for you to all enjoy (late by my standards...I really tried to get it up last week but the issues I had with having to re-record certain parts of it to work out the skips took up a lot of time!) I assure you I will make it up later in the month!

I hope you enjoy this long lost classic in apostolic storytelling!