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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Doug Davis Trio-The Sound of Abundance of Rain

Finishing up Doug Month with his best known album. This also may be the one that has the most professional sounding production on it.

This is great commercial Christian soft pop music from the 80s!

And since I've already spent three other posts writing about Doug Davis, I will just get to the music!


Friday, August 24, 2018

Doug Davis Trio-Coming Back

Next up in Doug Month is this vintage classic from 1980!  The record certainly sounds like a product of it's time, and in a good way. The title track kicks off the album with a gentle groovy soft pop beat. The album then leads off into a slower track then repeats the more upbeat early 80's soft pop vibe followed up by a slower inspirational track.

This album also features the debut of the great Pentecostal single "Abundant Life," which has been covered by other Pentecostal musicians over the year, including The Tupelo Children's Mansion Quartet, which I shared on this blog back in November 2015!

This just goes to display how Doug's musical ministry began to be a huge influence in Pentecostal music in the 80s and beyond!

The sound of this record is not perfect, I admit. On the side two tracks, there are some soft pops. The original copy of this record was less than perfect and I did my best to fix the pops, skips, and scratches in Audacity. The end result is not 100% perfect, but a lot of work and digital restoration really did clean this copy up!

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Doug, Dan, and Carol with Douglas Davis​-​Maybe This Will Be the Day

DOUG MONTH continues!

Today's selection is an album so nice that Doug had to name himself twice in the title! I guess to avoid confusion with all the other Dougs releasing Pentecostal music at this time! (Just joking, the Douglas Davis refers to his father, but I know this has caused confusion among others over the years!)

I have only come across one copy of this album since I've been collecting Pentecostal vinyl but I hope to come across a copy in better condition some day. Needless to say, while the album doesn't skip and had no significant scratches, it has an old time vinyl scratchy sound to it all the same. Thankfully, it doesn't overpower the music, but not the cleanest sounding copy by any means.

Another note is whoever designed the album jacket should slapped on the hand for their decision to put light grey lettering against a black and white picture. This begs the question, "What were they thinking!"

So let me transcribe the text here since even in the picture it's hard to read (and even I had a hard time reading it even in the best light!):

"Music is very much a part of the Pentecostal heritage since Paul and Silas sang and praised their way of the Philippian jail. The Pentecostal believer has found singing a simple yet eloquent way to express the profound effect Jesus Christ has on the human heart. Through it, our hope, our joy, our happiness, our love, our innermost longing are revealed.

"This album joins the ranks of Pentecostal expression with five new songs written by Doug Davis Jr. The style is fresh. The message is clearly from a heart touched by God. On two songs, the familiar voice of Doug Davis Sr., the pastor of the Bethel United Pentecostal Church in Plainview, New York is heard. He is backed by the Bethel Trio which is featured on the remainder of the album.

"This album is not merely talent displayed, it rather (crafts--I really had a hard time reading the word here...the color of the word is nearly exactly the same as the background! Not sure if the word is right, sorry) spirit demonstrated through yielded vessels. As you listen let your soul grow lighter and cast your eyes heavenward. For maybe this will be the day Jesus comes.
                                                                            - A.L. Ellis"

Thank you for those beautiful words, A.L. Phooey on whoever designed this album jacket to make them darn near impossible to read!

This may not be the debut album by the Doug Davis Trio. The latter trio is with different members. This is the earliest album I have found with Doug's music, so I think it may actually be his debut.

I do not have information on who the Dan and Carol are here. Nor do I know who A.L. Ellis is. If you have information about them, please drop a comment!

Please enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Douglas Davis & the Davis Trio-Shepherd of Ages

Today we are starting DOUG MONTH! All posts this month will be about Dougs in the Pentecostal Church! I know, how exciting, right?!

First up is this great vintage record from Douglas Davis & the Davis Trio! Not to be confused with the Doug Davis Trio (they are coming later. Not much of a spoiler alert, I suppose, since I just told you it's DOUG MONTH!)

Though it's listed as the "trio," six people accompany him on this record. I guess Doug lost count!

This we know: He is from the Calvary Pentecostal Church out of Ft. Worth, TX.  He is currently the Bishop (and founder) of Bethel United Pentecostal Church in Old Westbury, NY. There he works with his son, senior pastor Doug Davis Jr.

Bro. Davis relinquished his position as presbyter of the Texas District when he was 36 years old and also resigned from Calvary. When he moved to Long Island, NY, there was no UPC there so what else could he do but plant one!

But before he moved his family to New York and founded one of the most influential churches in the United Pentecostal Church, he released this humble album with some fantastic examples of vintage Pentecostal music!

As for others in the group, a lot of Davis' here! Not sure of the relationship of each to Bro Davis, but I believe Betty is his wife.

Mary Jo Glass is a name that stuck out to me immediately. Of course, she is married to Charles Glass. They married in 1952 while they attended the Apostolic Bible Institute. After college, they evangelized until they were called to pastor at the First Pentecostal Church in Sherman, TX. Mary Jo was already an accomplished musician on both piano and in singing for years before that, so it's no wonder Bro. Davis used her fantastic talents on this album!

It is also noteworthy that A.T. Morgan Jr. contributed the title track to this album. He may be one of the most beloved hymnists in the church!

This is a fantastic piece of Pentecostal music history and it's my pleasure to share it with you today!