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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Apostolic Bible Institute-Come Holy Spirit

UPDATE TO POST: I included the original cover art finally! I was able to find a copy after all this time!

For those who want to see, or prefer, my custom made art I posted originally as a place holder, here it is. Personally, I am not sure which one I prefer! Which one do you prefer?

This record was put out by the Micside label out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. That tidbit of information gives me a great estimate for the date this record. According to information I found online, this record label started out as Kay Bank Studio in 1957. It changed its name to UA Recording in 1968.  In 1970 it became Micside and that lasted only one year until it became Cookhouse in 1971.  So there you go. By process of elimination, this record came out in 1970.*

*UPDATE! It came out in 1971! Wow, my detective work was close! But the date of the recording is on the back cover, a rarity for Pentecostal records from the 70s!

(And check out the artists who recorded there! Wow! Bobby Vee; Art Blakey; Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road"; The Trashmen, "Surfin' Bird"; The Castaways, "Liar, Liar"; The Chancellors (led by future engineer/producer David Rivkin, a.k.a. David Z); The Gestures; Hüsker Dü, New Day Rising, Candy Apple Grey, Warehouse: Songs and Stories; The Replacements, Tim; Paula Abdul, some of her debut album; the Wallets; Soul Asylum; the Magnolias; Prince, early demos. Yes, all secular music, but can you imagine if S.G. Norris had a chance to witness to one of these artists while ABI made this recording? What a wonder that would be! I wonder how many Christian artists they recorded there?)

The Apostolic Bible Institute is out of St. Paul, Minnesota.  Brother S.G. Norris ran the school and W.C. Gleason was the choir director for many years. I can conclude from that Pam Gleason is on one song or more. I am not 100% sure, but I believe I hear her voice singing on a song or two here.

I have more Bible college music to share, and more from the Apostolic Bible Institute, so stay "tuned" for more. (I hope you do not think I am easing up on the blog since I have not posted in a while. Quite the contrary, I have been working hard "behind the scenes" finding new and great treasures of music! It's often a time consuming process! Not surprisingly, not all this music is categorized as "Pentecostal" when people sell it and takes hours upon hours of searching to find one lost gem!)

Until then, here is a lost treasure of the past so obscure I cannot find a reference to this record online at all. I obtained the album sans any album jacket, so I do not know if the school even has the original album art anymore. But the photoshopped cover I made is pretty nifty, isn't it?

Download HERE.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Pentecostal Sound-Sounds of Pentecost

The reasons I do this blog are complex and not just one simple explanation.  The basic reason is to share great music that I hope is a blessing to others.  I've seen collections curated with care tossed and disrespected after the collector dies.

Not to bring anybody down, but I will die.  My time on Earth may expire today.  It may be tomorrow.  It may be 20 years from now or more.  But the simple fact is, nobody gets out of this alive.

I lost some people close to me this past year.  I learned while we are here, nobody remembers us for all that we have.  It is how we treated others and what we did in this world people talk about the most.  Our material possessions may just end up in a Goodwill bin somewhere.  Or, as the case with my grandfather, just thrown away.

I don't know what will happen to all my records when I die.   I hope somebody close to me takes the time to find a collector who will take them and continue to care for them.  But they could end up in a Goodwill store, damaged, or thrown away.  They could end up with somebody who just wants it because the cover art is "bad."   Maybe they will end up in the trash.  I don't know.

While I am alive, I want to share these records with anybody interested in them.  It gives me little pleasure to just own something for the sake of owning it.  How does it honor God if I just buy something and it benefits nobody else but myself?

This morning I learned about the passing of Natalie Cole, daughter of the great Nat King Cole.  No, she did not record gospel music, but her "duet" with her late father, "Unforgettable," is quite moving.  There is footage of the late great Nat King Cole singing in the video.  There is also video of her father tossing a young Natalie into the air.  It is a touching video.

I bring it up because that footage is a lot like the music I share here.  Not even the Cole family had the footage.  When the director of the music video wanted to find the footage, he learned the Cole family sold it to a fan.  One lone jazz fan.  The Cole family never kept track of who bought the movies.  The director tracked the collector down and used some of his footage in the video.  It struck me what did it serve the one fan to have those films?  There are lost movies, especially silent films, that in a collection somewhere, and never get shared.  If you are a true fan of the work and the material you collect, wouldn't you want to share it with others?  Wouldn't knowing you brought joy to another by sharing the work bring you joy as well?

I may never have a great ministry.  I may never be a missionary.  I am just an average work-a-day joe.  Collecting music is just a hobby.  If I just buy music, listen to it, and it just turns to dust, what did I serve?  The Lord or my possessions?  

That is yet another facet of why I do this blog.  Today's selection is yet another rare and obscure gem.  I can find no reference to this band, the pastor, or the church referenced on the back cover in any search online.  Did the church close down?  What happened to the pastor?  

I found out Robert Tripp, the song writer and lead singer on this record, is still making music.  If you like this record, please support him by checking out and buying his new products:

This record and his other albums are some of the best examples of Christian country I have found.  I do not know about the making of this record, the year it came out, or the history of the church and Robert's relationship with Rev. Burgess.  I just know this is a gem of a record.  It is not available on Robert's CD Baby store.  Could it be like the Nat King Cole footage:  Lost in time?  Well, I am the collector who has it.  I am not holding on to it selfishly.  I came here to share it with you.  Now, please share it with others.

After all, we only get one spin around on this crazy world.  God loves a giver.  Give back to Robert for the talent he's shared with us.  Buy his new records and enjoy this one.  Give back to me by liking and SHARING my posts.  I ask for nothing material in return.  Just spread this as far and wide as you can.  After all, it's what I believe God wants.  

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

And I give this blog to you cheerfully. 

Download HERE.