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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Effie Shelton Sings Over In Glory

I love private press records. Today, with the Internet, anybody can make a recording and release a "record" online. But to bypass the record labels and release a record independently back "in the day" took time and effort. To buy studio time, create album art, and go through the process of releasing a record was a serious undertaking; it was not for the random hobbyist. There are private press records in just about any genre you can think of. Of course, they are abundant in gospel, Christian, and Pentecostal circles.
These records can also be a challenge to find and collect. Not everybody who sells these records puts them under the keyword "Pentecostal." To unearth these treasures takes time, patience, and did I say time? I can spend a lot of time scrolling through or flipping through records until I find a gem. It is a rewarding experience.
Not every cover is an indication that it is a Pentecostal album. Not every musician is a big name that attracts the eye right away. It takes looking at the back cover art/text to determine if it's Pentecostal. Often, the names involved are not found in any online search. They served their time for the Lord and shed the mortal coil. All their moments are lost in time like tears in the rain. (Time to die.) Without the private press records, little would still be around to track their journey through this Earthly sod.
Effie Shelton is one such voice for the Lord. She received the Holy Ghost on March 2, 1929, and was called to the ministry. In 1968 she felt called by God to record this record album. She reports God gave her three songs for the album ("Over in Glory," "I Have Found It Sweet Over Here," and "He's Divine.") Save for this record, what would we have to remember Effie by? There are a lot of private press records. Finding a treasure like this is like finding that proverbial needle in a haystack. But I believe records are a better way to preserve these songs over digital media.
(Of course, here I am, sharing it digitally!)
Not much is found online about her or Rev. Ramsey, but I found that Sister Shelton passed away December 1984. She was 81 years old.
Here is a piece of herself she left behind for us. Another great thing about this record is that it features two sermons. How many Pentecostal records these days offer that? This is a great find, and it is my pleasure to share it with you.

Download HERE.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tupelo Children's Mansion Part Two

The mystery of if the correct spelling if the name is "Steven" or "Stephen" Drury deepens.  In my last post about the Tupelo Children's Mansion, I touched on how I saw his name spelled differently online and on different records.  On the record I shared in November, it was "Steven Drury."  Here it is "Stephen M. Drury."  Maybe one day I will have Starlee Kine of Mystery Show fame get to the bottom of this! (I say that in jest...I doubt this would be the story that would capture her listeners!)

I felt this was a great record to follow up the Kent Christian Center album I recently shared.  It occurred to me that many names involved in the production of these records are shared between the two.  Here we have Ken Workman back at writing and singing duties.  We also have Erika Fritzenschaft (who was part of the Tupelo Children's Mansion Quartet) taking vocal duties on a track here.

I don't have much more to say about the record or the school, but I think it's a fantastic ministry.  I appreciate if you download for free here you leave a donation for your appreciation with the Tupelo Children's Mansion directly.  There are many ways to give back to them.  Please don't take this blog or the music here for granted, and give back to them if you're going to give back for what you receive here.

You can download the album HERE.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kent Christian Center Concert Choir-I Am Blessed

Since we recently revisited a vintage album from the Apostolic Bible Institute, I thought it would be a good time to delve into another long lost Bible college classic.  This time it comes from Kent Christian Academy and College. 

I do not know a lot of information about this Bible college.  I know it operated for 20 years from 1976-1996.  I know Janet Trout, Doug Davis, and Ken Workman have ties with this school.  Names that are attached to musical recordings with this school also are attached to recordings I've seen from the Tupelo Children's Mansion. 

But what I know best is this school was the calling and vision of Rev. Wayne and Janet Trout.  Together they have written and recorded over 75 songs.  More about their ministry can be found HERE.

Please download the music HERE.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Gleason Family-Heartfelt Harmony

To follow up the selection from the Apostolic Bible Institute, here's another true treasure.  Unfortunately, most copies of this record end up in the hands of collectors who just want it for the "bad cover" legacy this has generated over the years.

It is my pleasure to bring you the music of this record.  A goofy cover?  Yes.  I think some of these Pentecostal musicians needed to hire me to design their covers.  But this is beautiful music, easily in my top ten of Pentecostal music.

I only have this on cassette, so I do not have the back cover art for this.  I was lucky enough to find this cover online some time ago to share it here. Therefore, I do not know all the names of the people involved with this project.  The most obvious name here is Rev. Wendell Gleason (June 11th, 1918-March 23rd, 1997). As you may recall from my previous post, he was the choir director of the Apostolic Bible Institute for a number of years.

In my research for this post, I learned Rev. Gleason was the first to produce a record album for a Bible college in 1955.  Of course, that was the Apostolic Bible Institute and the record was called "I Know A Name." This record also featured the vocal talents of a young J. Hugh Rose.) Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of this album. I will certainly continue to look for it, but if any of you in readerland have a copy you'd be willing to let me share here, let me know!) The number of recordings Rev. Gleason has been involved in is only described as being "many."

So, such as it is with most Pentecostal music, not much is know about these recordings. Nobody has compiled a discography. That is a shame to me, but I will certainly archive any records I find with his name on it for you to all enjoy.

I do not know who else is involved in this record. One could safely assume Rae Gleason, his beloved wife, is featured here. Is that his brother Orion Gleason with the group? (That is not a rhetorical question, either. If anybody knows, please leave the information in the comments section.)

However, while information about his music ministry is sparse online, researching this record has led me to find more rare and incredible Pentecostal music to get and share in the future! So that is a great blessing for me and for you all in readerland!

And while I have not found information about the details of his music ministry, here is something interesting to share:

Download the audio goodness HERE!