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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Harvestime Songfest-25th Anniversary

And Harvestime month continues!

I alluded to this collection on my "Silver Anniversary" post.  That album came out in 1989, but this one, named the 25th Anniversary, came out in 1985 according to the back cover.  I am not sure if both albums are celebrating two different annivesary landmarks for this ministry, or if the silver album was belated.

Like the 1984 collection, this collection features many of the same musicians. This collection features a few more new artists, though. The highlights here are Richard Gazowsky & the Redeemed, the controversial pastor of the Voice of Pentecost in San Francisco, CA. More on him in a future blog post, so stay "tuned!" We also get some amazing performances from the New Kingdom Heirs and Julie Perry here.

Now, there are a few songs that I really feel are uniquely "Pentecostal." They are signature songs that are the best examples of what the Pentecostal music sound is and also features lyrics that exemplify the beliefs of the church. Lance Appleton's "One God Apostolic" has to be on the top of any list, hands down.Anybody disagreeing with me is itching for a fight. I would also include Marietta Wolfe's "Steve." Wow, that is a must hear single. From the Harvestime 1984 album, that incredible track has to be C.A. Nelson's "It's Real."

On this record, the song is by the Bill Gray Family-"Buttermilk Bend Baptism." I love that song! Ever since I first heard it, it's one that really stuck with me. I've tried to find a full length album by that family band over the years but no luck. If anybody reading this has any information on an album they released, or a copy you're willing to share, email me or drop a line in the comments section! I would appreciate it!

Also, as I've had issues with in the past, the way this website is designed I cannot tag more than 200 characters. It was tough...I had to get rid of a lot of names from my tags list that I wanted to include. So the exclusion of musicians involved in this record is not intentional or accidental. If I could figure out a way to override the 200 character limit, I would. So I decided to tag the musicians who have not yet been represented in past posts.

Please enjoy this great record HERE!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Golden Harvestime Friends-Golden Moments Vol 3

And the Harvestime hits of yesteryear keep on coming!

I don't know if there were any more albums in this series after this one. This is the last one I have in my collection under the "Golden Moments" banner. If anybody has any information on a volume 4 or beyond, let me know!

Like with the previous few albums I shared, this seems to have been released to coincide with the annual Harvestime Songfest in lieu of recording the event live and releasing an official LP of that.  I believe there is a live recording of the songfest, but just as part of a tape ministry, with sub par sound quality.  That's what I understand, anyway. If anybody has information to the contrary, please share!

This compilation features some more of the big names in Pentecostal music, many whom have been featured here in the past. I do have to say I have a particular affinity for the tracks by Loretta Earl and Everlasting Praise.  I am actively seeking to find more albums by those two artists. I have to admit that trying to search for "Everlasting Praise" online makes trying to find those albums a needle in a haystack.  If anybody here has information on their records, please let me know!

As always, you can stream or download the audio goodness HERE!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Golden Harvestime Friends​-​Golden Moments Vol 2

Continuing Harvestime month, here's another snappy compilation from 1990.  As far as I know, there's no live recording of the 1990 songfest on LP.  The only two songfests I've found on LP are from 1984 and 1985. Does anybody have any information to the contrary?

Whether or not there are other live recordings on vinyl (I've come across some on tape recorded at the event, but the sound quality on those tapes leave a lot to be desired), at least we have this compilation to fill satiate the desire to hear some great music!

This album contains some very great tracks, including The Denham Springs Choir.  Perhaps one of my favorite tracks, this is the church I referred to a few posts ago that told me they did not keep any copies of their albums in storage.  At least we have one cut on this compilation to remember their work by!

This compilation is also remarkable because it contains one track from Dan Dean's album "For a Dream." As you may or may not know, Dan Dean is one of the three members of Phillips, Craig, and Dean. I love that band, and his early work is amazing!

Of all the Harvestime compilations I am sharing, this may be one of my personal favorites.

You can enjoy the goodness HERE!

(Apparently, I can only tag up to 200 characters on this website, so sorry about leaving some of the artists represented out of the tags. I chose to tag some of the musicians represented who haven't been tagged in other posts first. I wish I could tag them all, but there was no way to override the limit as far as I could see.)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Harvestime Silver Anniversary

This album came out in 1989.  Four years previous, Harvestime Songfest released a 25th anniversary double LP.

So...which is the correct silver anniversary for Harvestime? 

That's not a rhetorical question.  This is really confusing to me.  Add to that, the history of this ministry and when they started the songfests is a little fuzzy in information found online.

At any rate, we have two great compilations to celebrate 25 years of this great ministry!  And that's the bottom line!

Download the audio goodness HERE!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Golden Moments With Harvestime Friends

Now here is a rare album!  This Harvestime compilation came out in 1988, and appears to have been put together to sell at their annual songfest.  While I would have rather had a live recording of the annual event, such as with the great 1984 double album, this compilation is still great!  Some wonderful treasures, most pulled from records released in the 1980's, are represented here, including one track from the live recording of the 1985 songfest.

Download the album HERE!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Harvestime Reflections Series 3

Here is another incredible Harvestime collection.  The "Reflections Series" was, as best as I can conclude, a way the Harvestime ministry chose to preserve older Pentecostal music long out of print at the time these records came out.  Every one I've seen was a reissue of an older Pentecostal record.  This one is no exception, but is remarkable because, as far as I know, it is not just a simple reissue of a previously available LP but it appears to be a collection of previously available 78 rpm singles!

Why do I say this?  Aside from the fact that the back cover identifies all these songs as coming from the 1950s, and knowing that was a time that many songs were released on 78, I know for a fact because I have one of the 78s. It was credited to The Calvary Tabernacle Singers featuring Jean Urshan.  Side A was "Little Wooden Church Way Out On the Hill" and the flip side was "Jesus Is All I Need."

Unfortunately, side A is only reflected here and the track name has been truncated to "Little Wooden Church."  I find the sound restoration on this record is fantastic.  At least compared to my original 78.  If you download the entire record, you will get a "bonus track," the flip side of that original 78.  The sound quality leaves a little bit to be desired.  I suspect the producers of this record had better source material than a dusty old 78, however.

So here it is, yet again, the voices from yesterday that thrilled and stirred thousands of people during the decade of the fifties!

Download HERE!

Friday, May 6, 2016

United Pentecostal Church-Harvest Time

As promised, I am kicking off a month of featuring the always wonderful compilations put out by the Harvestime ministry!

Or, as they were known on this record, Harvest Time.

As far as I know, this may be the first Harvestime record. I don't know which year it was made, but the back cover indicates the beginning of the idea for this record started in 1957. This was three years before Rev. Nathaniel Urshan joined the ministry and was the speaker on the Harvestime radio show for over 17 years.

One thing of note on this record is the lack of any names of the people involved.  Instead, we get rather generic group names for the musicians performing: The Male Trio, The Girl's Sextette, The Girl's Trio, and the Mixed Setette.  Not exactly the most creative group names created, but was a humble beginning and they were focused on raising money for "Sheaves For Christ!" What better reason to focus on the message of the music than those involved than to "Spread the gospel around the world!"

Download the record HERE and enjoy!