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Friday, May 20, 2016

Golden Harvestime Friends-Golden Moments Vol 3

And the Harvestime hits of yesteryear keep on coming!

I don't know if there were any more albums in this series after this one. This is the last one I have in my collection under the "Golden Moments" banner. If anybody has any information on a volume 4 or beyond, let me know!

Like with the previous few albums I shared, this seems to have been released to coincide with the annual Harvestime Songfest in lieu of recording the event live and releasing an official LP of that.  I believe there is a live recording of the songfest, but just as part of a tape ministry, with sub par sound quality.  That's what I understand, anyway. If anybody has information to the contrary, please share!

This compilation features some more of the big names in Pentecostal music, many whom have been featured here in the past. I do have to say I have a particular affinity for the tracks by Loretta Earl and Everlasting Praise.  I am actively seeking to find more albums by those two artists. I have to admit that trying to search for "Everlasting Praise" online makes trying to find those albums a needle in a haystack.  If anybody here has information on their records, please let me know!

As always, you can stream or download the audio goodness HERE!

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