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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Harvestime Songfest-25th Anniversary

And Harvestime month continues!

I alluded to this collection on my "Silver Anniversary" post.  That album came out in 1989, but this one, named the 25th Anniversary, came out in 1985 according to the back cover.  I am not sure if both albums are celebrating two different annivesary landmarks for this ministry, or if the silver album was belated.

Like the 1984 collection, this collection features many of the same musicians. This collection features a few more new artists, though. The highlights here are Richard Gazowsky & the Redeemed, the controversial pastor of the Voice of Pentecost in San Francisco, CA. More on him in a future blog post, so stay "tuned!" We also get some amazing performances from the New Kingdom Heirs and Julie Perry here.

Now, there are a few songs that I really feel are uniquely "Pentecostal." They are signature songs that are the best examples of what the Pentecostal music sound is and also features lyrics that exemplify the beliefs of the church. Lance Appleton's "One God Apostolic" has to be on the top of any list, hands down.Anybody disagreeing with me is itching for a fight. I would also include Marietta Wolfe's "Steve." Wow, that is a must hear single. From the Harvestime 1984 album, that incredible track has to be C.A. Nelson's "It's Real."

On this record, the song is by the Bill Gray Family-"Buttermilk Bend Baptism." I love that song! Ever since I first heard it, it's one that really stuck with me. I've tried to find a full length album by that family band over the years but no luck. If anybody reading this has any information on an album they released, or a copy you're willing to share, email me or drop a line in the comments section! I would appreciate it!

Also, as I've had issues with in the past, the way this website is designed I cannot tag more than 200 characters. It was tough...I had to get rid of a lot of names from my tags list that I wanted to include. So the exclusion of musicians involved in this record is not intentional or accidental. If I could figure out a way to override the 200 character limit, I would. So I decided to tag the musicians who have not yet been represented in past posts.

Please enjoy this great record HERE!

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