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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ernest Weaver-Sing A Happy Song

Continuing "Vacation Bible School" month, I bring to you not really a kid's album, but certainly one that is very kid friendly.  With fun songs such as "Sing A Happy Song," "The Ballad of Nebuchadnezzar," and "The Charismatic Kid," I think it fits the theme.

Most albums I find have only been issued once. On rare occasions, such as with the Harvestime Reflections series, will I find a record has been re-issued.

This record has been issued, from what I can find, three times.

This cover/copy I am sharing comes from a cassette release put out in 1980.

This exact same album has also been released on vinyl and on another cassette release with a different cover.  Here are the other two covers of this album I am aware of:

The vinyl album, if you're wanting to add this to your collection for yourself, is going for nearly $160.00 on Discogs as I write this post.  Needless to say, I am not independently wealthy, so I am just sharing my one and only cassette copy!

But I have to say that album cover art is amazing!  So much better than the yellow smilie face on my copy.  But the music is the same across all three releases. (Disclaimer: the photo of the cassette with his picture as the cover shows a tape with different songs, but I double checked with the store I purchased it from...they listed the track listing on the tape as the same as the tape I already have. The song listings on the actual cassette I have is incorrect, too. I have no idea if the labels were printed by somebody else than who printed the covers or why there is a discrepancy, but to my best knowledge, these three releases all have the same tracks.)

Not much is found about this man online. All I know is that he still appears to be alive living in Fort Wayne, IL. He was the pastor of the New Life Tabernacle in Petersburg, MI.  Outside of that, I do not know much.

This is not one of the bigger names of Pentecostal music. This is not essential music by any means. It's good music, it's overall fun music, and I think that it's worth sharing and keeping around for prosperity's sake.  And this blog was started to feature the smaller and lesser known releases of Pentecostal music.  I think this fits the bill perfectly!

Enjoy the record HERE!

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