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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mickey & Madelyn Shields and the Gospel Tabernacle Choir Sing

This is another record I found by chance. A seller on Ebay had a record I wanted and I found this in their list of other items. I figured since they had one record I wanted, they may have more! And what a great find it was!

As with most records from the past, there's no year on here to even guess when this was made. The church only has a Facebook page, and I cannot find the year their building was constructed (the record appears to have been produced to fund the building of the Gospel Tabernacle according to the back cover.)  We know that Rev. James Lumpkin served as District Superintendent for the Arkansas District from 1974-1996, but that is as far down as I can place this. Guessing? I would say the mid 1980's or so. I know the opening track is also covered by the Church of Pentecost Choir from 1986-1987.  I don't know what year Rev. Anderson wrote that song, but my experience tells me that these songs typically are covered more frequently when they are new.

(If you want to hear more of Mike Anderson's work, here's a great song to keep your feet tapping and your hands clapping! Now I have to find the full album!)
I also love records like this because it's just not cover material. There's some original tracks here and they are wonderful!

I wish I had more to say about the record, but it is what it is! I am just grateful to God I was in the right place at the right time to find this on Ebay. I won't disclose how much I spent on this record...I just prefer to think about all the cheap deals I got to offset it! But I am delighted to bring this to your home and ears!

By the way, look forward to more choir music in November!

Download and enjoy HERE!


  1. My name is Madelyn Anderson Shields. I am delighted to find our record on your site. Mike Anderson is my brother. I wrote the cover song for the Mike Anderson and Gulfgate choir entitled "What is That Sound I Hear." I know all these people and their music that you have posted and made available to the public. I think that it is grand and I have enjoyed them very much. We still pastor the Apostolic Gospel Tabernacle. I wrote a couple of the other song that are on the AGT record. I think we might have made the record c.1978 or there about. Again thank you for posting and making this record available. Blessings, Madelyn Shields, Russellville, Arkansas.