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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Time To Get Together CFC '72

It's that time of year again for another Christmas For Christ collection!

As I have previously pointed out, these are not Christmas records (though I've seen record sellers file them under "holiday" or "Christmas" sections.) They are annual compilations released to help raise money for the Home Missions Division of the United Pentecostal Church.

Also, from what I've been able to determine, they all feature original tracks, not songs already released on other records by the artists involved.

This features music by many of the same musicians and singers who were involved in the 1973 CFC release, "An Unction From the Holy One."

Next to the Harvestime collections, these are, in my humble opinion, the best collections of Pentecostal music to be found. And it's my pleasure to share this with you for the Christmas season!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Dan Dean-For a Dream

For quite some time I've posted private press records that are long out of print. I've stayed away from musicians who are still making music to avoid any copyright issues.

Of course, for those concerned about copyrights, I point out the purpose of this blog is for archival purposes and anybody who owns the music can request I take down an album. But for years some tracks of this album have been posted on You Tube and have not been taken down. So I figured maybe it was safe to put this up. This is being posted to spread the message of the music, to share the ministry of Dan Dean, not to diminish what is in print and is available by this musician and his band.

For this reason, I've avoided posting this record for as long as I have. Dan Dean, as is well known, is a member of Phillips, Craig, and Dean. His music is not only still available mainly through that band, but his catalogue is still in print.

However, this is the most requested album I have not yet posted. And it's the Christmas season and I thought this would be a great gift to my readers and to those who have requested this record so many times.

It may be the rarest album I have posted. In all my years of collecting Pentecostal music, going back to my early purchases in the 90s, I have never come across a copy of this album. I am not sure if that is because distribution was low or if because of his fame with his band that people have held on to their copies like grim death.

It's so rare I haven't even seen a first print copy for myself. This recording comes from a tape copy given to me by a pastor in 1990. For a copy of a tape that is 27 years old, I think the sound of this recording is remarkable.

So that's the reason for the self-made cover. I have no idea what the original cover looked like, but considering records from the 80s and early 90s, I would bet that the record has a picture of Dan Dean in some pose in front of some kind of backdrop. I chose this image because the You Tube video of the title track features a painting of Jesus bearing the cross. I couldn't find a high res image of that for the cover, so I chose this painting instead.

While he has his roots in the United Pentecostal Church (he was the dean of music at Texas Bible College and married Becky DeHart, who went to Jackson College of Ministries) he has since left the UPC and now pastors Heartland Church. He has been there since 1999.

This album is rare and evasive for collectors to find. Congratulations if you come across one or still have an original copy. For those that do not, I hope you appreciate this upload, even if I do not have the original record cover art.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ministry-Sight Seeing

Ministry wasn't one of the most recognizable names in the history of United Pentecostal Church. The names of those in the group do not turn up a lot of results when I search for them online. As far as I know, this was their only release. However, it was released by Sonlite Records, which was the home label for The McGruders during the 1990s.

This is basic southern gospel. It doesn't break any new ground, it's not particularly remarkable readings of these songs. Though I will say that their version of "Sight Seeing" is my favorite. But it is produced by the preeminent talents of Kevin McManus and Carroll McGruder.

Many of the songs are written by Pentecostal songwriters, as well. Tony Robert and Geron Davis contribute nice songs here, Rev. Carroll McGruder gives the band a stab at a capable reading of "I'm Going Home With Jesus" (sorry, but I doubt anybody will ever top the McGruder's anointed recording of their own song), and Randy Phillips, of Phillips, Craig, and Dean fame, contributes three songs to the final mix, including Randy's greatest hit, "Hotel Hallelu."

(And, of course, Randy is the son of Wanda Phillips, who I just shared in the last post.)

You can listen, stream, and download here!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wanda Phillips-All Of His Love

For a good part of the 70s and into the 80s, Wanda Phillips was a huge part of Pentecostal music. From the annual NMMC Mass Choir Concerts to Christmas For Christ compilations to her solo albums, it was hard to miss her music for a good period of time in the Pentecostal music world.

This album, I believe her first solo record, comes from Rainbow Sound Inc. Records. (While not exclusively Pentecostal, I think it's interesting to note that Rainbow Sound Inc have generated their own following among collectors who seek to own every record they released.

Currently, Sister Phillips and her husband, Kenneth, currently continue to serve the Lord at their church in Austin, TX, Promise Land Church.

Of note, they are also the parents of Randy Phillips, who has also recorded music for the United Pentecostal Church before joining the incomprable group, Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

Enjoy Wanda's humble debut!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Qualkenbush Family-There's Just One Way

When I browse records on Ebay, I often search by general terms. Such as "family" since a lot of gospel records were released as T "X" Family. I look for the familiar names. If I see an unfamiliar name, it's easy to dismiss the record if the women are wearing jewelry, have cut hair, or the men have facial hair. (Not making any theological statements here...just realizing that United Pentecostal music is much less likely to have those things on their album covers!)

Another thing I look for is a woman/women with a PhD (Pentecostal Hair-Do.)

And that's what got me to snag this record.

Sometimes I get the record and find out they weren't UPC after all, or even Oneness Pentecostal. I have a handful or records I bought on nothing more than a hunch that, upon further research, do not fit what I am looking for to share on this blog.

However, sometimes I find a rarity that fits the bill. I was able to link this family to the Qualkenbush family of the River of Life UPC in Muncie, IN. This record seemed to be released to help fund raise money for their music ministry. They never reached huge audiences or released a lot of records. They never were invited to perform at Harvestime music conferences. I do not know if they were sold in the Pentecostal Publishing House catalog or just as they traveled church to church. These are the rarer records this blog loves to find and to share.

I was able to contact one of their relatives (not on the record) and found out that Troy Qualkenbush was mainly in the music ministry but has been known to preach. They are from French Lick, IN and have attended the Zion Apostolic Church in Indiana.

Beyond the little info I was able to get from a known relative, that's pretty much all I have on this one! He stated that Troy's preaching was "dynamic" and he is reserved and humble.

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Carouthers & Company-Let It Continue...

I've had a few requests for this long out of print classic and I am glad to bring it to you! I have to admit that I was reluctant at first because Mark is still in the music ministry, and most of what I share here is from much longer ago, and long, long out of print. But it fits into the "private press" category I like to save, so there's that. But I will repeat what I wrote in my about me section on this blog: "This [blog] is intended as an archival project. The music found through this blog is intended for review purposes and should not be seen as a substitute for the original, legal, RIAA approved, record company enriching product. The music is free but if you like the music buy any reissues that may become available. Please support the artists and buy as much as you can directly from them. If you are the copyright holder of a particular album and would like me to remove it, then please let me know."

When I first started buying UPC music, I am not sure what was the first album I bought. But this is the one I remember listening to the most. To me, this represented what Pentecostal music was about in the 90s. Can there be a better Pentecostal worship song of the 90s than "Whose Report?"

I hope you enjoy this great album as much as I have over the years!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mark & Sherry Willhoite-To Know Him Is To Love Him

For the foreseeable future, I am putting a hiatus on the monthly themes and posting albums as the I feel the Lord directs my heart!

First, a few notes to make about this record: This is yet another Pentecostal record produced by David Huff and members of his band, David and the Giants, worked on this record. I know I've written about them before, but I have yet to see a comprehensive list of all the records David and his brothers have worked on in the UPC. Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, I may never know the true number. But as an archivist, the best I can do is tag David in the records he produced and help keep track here!

For today's post, I thought there was no better selection than this one since today is actually the good pastor Willhoite's birthday! He put out this record when he was just a few years younger than he is today!

He was the son of missionaries to the Philippines. Later in life, in 1976, he settled in to Baytown, TX, his hometown. He went to Texas Bible College and then worked as a traveling evangelist and staff minister for more than 25 years.

And, of course, he's a music minister.

Rev. Willhoite's musical ministry has touched several hearts over the  years. One video of his duet with Vera Swain in a hospital has generated over four million views! Now that's letting the light of God's gifts shine!

Sadly, it hasn't been all mountaintops and celebration in those years. Recently, I know the good Rev. suffered through hurricane Harvey and nearly lost everything he and his wife have worked for over the past 35 years. You can watch a video of a song he wrote after his experience that would have crushed most spirits. (And is it just me, or is he playing the same guitar as seen on the record cover?!)

Also, I know that he and his wife had to struggle through a cancer scare. But soon after the hurricane hit, he shared the news that Sherry was cancer free! So even through the storms, and through the trials, Mark and Sherry have shown brilliantly with the light of Christ! I am truly moved and touched by their ministry and work in Christ's name!

In honor to Rev. & Mrs. Willhoite, I would like to share a poem from an old issue of Gospel Tidings magazine, slightly rewritten.

It's called "New Beginnings." Considering all that he and many more went through with Hurricane Harvey, I felt it was appropriate.

God began to speak while sitting on His throne
The angels all hushed, there is a message in His tone.
There's a difficult situation about to end,
And new beginnings about to begin.
I'm looking for a man in whom I can trust
To get in, work hard, and clean up the dust.
The Lord searched high, the Lord searched low.
Just who, just who could He get to go?
The Lord searched far, and the Lord searched wide
He checked all the beaches where all the waters betide.
The Lord gave a smile, and said, I know where to start,
I'll choose out a man who's after my heart.
He looked to the East and he looked to the West,
And chose out a couple who suited Him best.
The Lord looked out, and the Lord looked in
For a heart untainted by sin.
This man would have to be able to build,
Fight Satan's power and never to yield!
This man would have to be filled with God's charm:
To lead and guide His sheep but never to harm,
One who loves God and leads us to pray,
One who seeks God's will and shows us the way.
In Pastor Mark Willhoite, God found such a man,
He fitted perfectly into God's holy plan.
We're glad that you have come, we know that you care.
The burden of souls we're most happy to share.
Let's all pull together to get the job done,
The battle's almost over, the victory already won.

Thank you, pastor! And happy birthday!

Dear readers, I hope that this humble record and his ministry touches your hearts and life, too!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Truth​-​The Rutledge Family, Rev. Jerry F​.​J. Stoner

First off, I apologize for the delay in getting a post up this month. I planned to get this up much earlier in the month, but, stuff happens! But onward and upward!

I do not believe I mentioned that the inspiration for this blog was the work of Rev. Rendal Rutledge. His work online through message boards and sharing older Pentecostal music and actively posting music and videos was the catalyst that opened my mind to the possibility of tracking down and archiving rare and forgotten Pentecostal music on vinyl! Honestly! Up to "meeting" him online, the idea to look for old Pentecostal vinyl had not really occurred to me!

As I found more and more, I realized I had more than enough for a personal collection! I had enough to share with others! And Rev. Rendal led the way in sharing vintage music, so I was going to, also!

In fact, I contacted him prior to launching my blog and he promised to send me some music to share with you! Unfortunately, he passed away August 13, 2017. It seems he never found the time to get those records or files to me.

His passing touched me on a personal level, even though I never got to meet him. I humbly continue this blog in his memory, sharing the great and classic music of old and even some newer music of the past couple decades.

I am grateful to God that I found this record on Ebay the day I learned of his passing, and for a very cheap price at that! It was rated in "fair" condition, and clearly the clicks and pops are evident. However, I think that cleaning the record did a fantastic job at improving the sound quality here! Maybe not mint, but cleaning did wonders!

(By the way, if you're wondering what I used to clean my records, I make my own solution! I follow the tips and recipe for cleaning solution on this website. I also use "Vinyl Buddy." I can attest that it works as advertised! It gets the dust out of the grooves that would leave a lot of pops and snaps during playback! Probably the best thing next to an ultra expensive deep cleaning machine! And, yes, I use the vinyl buddy dry, but I also use my cleaning solution because it gives the records a nice like new shine!)

Now, this record is a two-fer. Not only do you get The Rutledge Family on side one, but you get Rev. Jerry Stoner on the second side! (Fun fact: the vinyl copy I have has the stickers for side one and two reversed!) Rev. Rendal only sings on one track on this record  and he plays organ and bass on Rev. Stoner's side.

But side one of the record is an honor to the entire Rutledge family! The music honors Rev. John Rucks, the father and grandfather and more to all those involved in this record! The leaders of the Rutledge Family are mom and dad, Rev. Marvin Rutledge and his wife Norma. His son Rendal joins the group with Brenda, Debbie, Lana, Gary, and Linda! Quite a family affair!

And, thankfully to Rev. Rendal's amazing work, many of the sermons and music of his father and his other family members can still be found online through his church in Norwich, CT.

Side two features the work of Rev. Jerry Stoner, who still pastors to this day in Swartz Creek, MI at More Life Tabernacle. Clearly, the good Rev. Stoner crossed paths with the Rutledge family in Russellville, AR and we can benefit from this union on this lovely record.

After his passing, Rev. Rendal's nephew wrote online that his uncle was, "A songwriter, a publisher, a teacher, an educator, a performer, a radio host, a television personality, a videographer, an archivist, a comedian, a fisherman, a father, a pastor, a lover of souls, and a great man. He always adapted. Always learning, always pushing, always smiling. I wish I had known him better."


Sorry our paths never crossed more often, Rev. Rutledge. But your influence in my life is reflected in every post on this blog.

I hope you enjoy the music this amazing family produced as much as I do!

(By the way, if you're wondering why I labeled the title of this record as "Truth," that's simply because that's the title on the record label on the vinyl itself. But clearly side one is titled "Hallelujah" and side two is titled "Aware of His Coming." Using the one word title from the record label was easier in naming the files.)

Monday, September 25, 2017

ABI Choir & Orchestra​-​Bless His Name

Wrapping up our look at the amazing music of the Apostolic Bible Institute in celebration of their 80th anniversary, I bring to you their 60th anniversary recording!

By this time in the school's history, Scott Hackler took the duties of directing the choir, chorale, the orchestra, and the quartet. That is certainly admirable, as these duties in the past were spread over the work of two men before.

Scott married Ann Grant and was the son-in-law of Rev. Gerald Grant. I am not sure how long he served at the school, but he currently resides in Golden, Colorado. We all know that his wife passed away because of cancer. It's hard for me to imagine the impact that had on him, and his children, but it's notable and feels a little sad that he does not mention his service to the Lord and music at the school on his "about" information on his personal website.

One of his current songs, "This Room (Memory of You)" seems to touch upon this melancholy. It's quite a moving song considering what he went through. My thoughts and prayers with Bro. Hackler!

Thankfully, unlike many of the vinyl records that came before this recording, there is A LOT of information in the package with this record!

For the songs on this album, Scott wrote the music and lyrics for many tracks. He wrote, "Yesterday, Today, and Forever," "New Anointing," "Where I Stand," "Bless His Name," "'Til The Walls Fall Down," "Mighty God," "God Broke In," and "Under the Shadow."

Soloists on this album:
Scott Hackler-"He's Been So Good"
Nada Bach-"New Anointing"
Angela Ward & Dan Flemming-"Bless His Name"
Rebekah Peterson & Tim Barnett-"'Til The Walls Fall Down" (featuring preaching by Rev. Drew Baldridge)
Jan Blizzard-"Oh, It Is Jesus"

The ABI Quartet sings on "Yesterday, Today, and Forever," "Where I Stand," and "God Broke In."

The ABI Trio (as far as I know, they never released an album by themselves) sang on "Under the Shadow." The trio is Scott and Ann Hackler (Grant) and Rachel Starr.

So this record doesn't have the talents of Wendell Gleason or Rev. Don Martin behind it, but I believe Scott Hackler did a fantastic job at following in the traditions of those fine men and their musical ministries. Those are huge shoes to fill and I think Scott did a fantastic job here. This album isn't ground breaking. Honestly, I personally prefer the more powerful choir music of some other school recordings during this time. But listening to this against the history of their other records, it's evident that this is impressive work all on its own. I think Scott did a wonderful job in giving the spotlight to every aspect of the music ministry of the school at this time. There's even the obligatory, but always fun, instrumental track featuring the talents of the orchestra with the song "This Train."

I am not sure how rare this record is compared to the vinyl records the school released. I do not think this album had a huge distribution. Thankfully, this was in my father's personal collection or I may never had a chance to share it with you. I have never come across a copy for sale in all the years I have been collecting Pentecostal music!

I hope you truly enjoy this wonderful recording! What a night it was when this was made!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Apostolic Bible Institute-Celebration

As we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school we love, I would like to take a moment and look back at the celebration for the 50th anniversary!

And what a celebration it was! The result was not only a special Harvestime episode recorded at the school campus church, but this keepsake record!

Taking duties on music direction here is Rev. David Graham.

This is an exceptionally recorded album and I believe it holds up very well!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ABI Chorale & Brass-God Said It! I Believe It!

They wealth of the Apostolic Bible Institute's musical output seems to have come in the 70s and into the early/mid 80s. This appears to have been released in the late 70s/early 80s because of the comment on the back cover that the school had existed "over 40 years" at this point.

By the time of this record, it appears that Rev. Wendell Gleason moved on. Taking over musical direction are Rev. Robert Sabin for the orchestra and Rev. Don Martin for the chorale.

And who in the United Pentecostal Church isn't acquainted with Rev. Robert Sabin in someway or another. There have been few scholars like him who helped defend the Oneness theology against the critics of the church. He's written and spoken more on the topic than any other minister I can think of.

He also famously split away from the UPC in 1992. His infamous "Letter from Robert A. Sabin, Saint Paul, Minnesota November 1, 1992" ripples through the organization to this day. While others who left the church made ripples in the water, Sabin's departure was like a catastrophic earthquake. However, when he passed away on October 15, 2014, The First United Pentecostal Church on the ABI campus held the funeral service.

Rev. Don Martin became pastor of the Metro Pentecostal Church (formerly Berryhill United Pentecostal Church) on July 1st, 2000.  He has history not only with ABI but also taught at Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis and Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis, IN. He (and his wife) attended Western Apostolic Bible College in Stockton, CA.

I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I did! This is an interesting little fun record!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

ABI Quartet-Something Within

This month it is my pleasure to bring to you a month of music from the Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN! This is to celebrate their 80th anniversary!

Rev. S.G. Norris founded the school and opened it on October 1st, 1937. Since then, countless ministers, musicians, evangelists, missionaries, and more walked through those doors and went out to take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World that they learned from the school we love! (ABI is the school we love!)

The first school was on 464 Pierce Street in St. Paul. Because God blessed them with growth, they moved to 745 Grand Avenue. Today, the campus spans 40 acres at 6944 Hudson Blvd. (Interestingly enough, the back cover of this album has their address listed as 3175 Hudson Blvd! There is no sign online they ever had a building at that address. Today, that address is the home of a Cub Foods grocery store!)

In Bible college music, they are nonpareil. Under the direction of Rev. Wendell Gleason, ABI was the first Bible college to produce a full length record in 1955. They were the pioneers! (It does not seem to be this record. The school was founded in 1937 and, at the time of this recording, it's said to have been "a quarter-of-a-century." That would put this record in 1962. However, upon closer attention, the text on the back cover states the quartet toured in 1966. So there you go! Just a little over "a quarter-of-a-century!")

Rev. Gleason is joined by his oldest son, Gary Gleason, Ken Scirley (I am getting the feeling that was supposed to be Shirley? Not sure, but there sure are no "Scirley"s on Google or Facebook!), and Dan Bolle.

We also get the ABI Trio with Ruth Eikamp, Mary Russell, and Linda Kepler!

The music here isn't revolutionary. It's fairly standard piano and vocal tracks. But it is a true piece of Pentecostal music history that needs to be shared! And with this year being the 80th anniversary of this great institution for Biblical learning, what better time than now to share it?


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

KCC Choir-To The Lord

Finishing off Bible college month, I go from the extreme of the vintage recording I shared on my first post of the month to something more new...well, 23 years old. Newer than most stuff I share here!

It's hard to find a true discography of their albums online. As far as I know, this may be their final recording, but I am not sure.

We have the familiar talents contributing to this record: Doug Davis and Tammy Trout. They are joined by Geron Davis and feature songs written by Shawn Craig (of Phillips, Craig, and Dean fame), Nancy Grandquist, and Nate Sabin. Some real solid UPC talent here! Some of the best of the mid 90s!

Like most of the albums I share here, this is a private press release and long out of print.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Conquerors Bible College​-​Selah II

And Bible college month continues!

Here is a wonderful gem brought to you courtesy of blog reader Al Dee Sollinger!

Last year, I shared Ship Ahoy!, which included the work of Donald and Donna Fisher.

Their names are not included on the back cover, so I do not know if they ministered there during the time this record was recorded.  And Walter Nigh is not one of the names that many in Pentecostal music circles know at the tip of their tongue.

However, this is a unique treasure clearly cemented in the time it was created. The dreamy synths anchor this album in the late 70's through 1980 when they were most likely composed. I am not sure of another Bible college (or choir) record with a sound quite like this one. It's fascinatingly unique. Like the music in the college, there are no trumpets, no thumping bass, no black gospel influences. It's like a mellow jazzy pop album. And that's not a bad thing, IMHO. I, for one, embrace variety in music.

Sadly, and perhaps notably, the references to this college I can find online today are on spiritual abuse websites. Let that be what it is, I guess.

But I believe music that's anointed is always anointed, even if the vessels God uses to make it are flawed.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Christian Life College-Abundant Life

When one often thinks of the Christian Life College from Stockton, CA, they usually think of the Christian Life Center as well. And many reading this may already be familiar with the CLC Youth and CLC Mass Choir CDs, most of which were released under the amazing production of Glen Woodward.

Glen went to CLC in 1986. During his second year in college, he became involved in the music ministry department. There is no doubt that his impact was amazing on the church's and college's music ministry.

But before the incomparable Glen Woodward blessed us with his music ministry, we had this album released five years before he attended the school.

The music minister responsible for this record was Kevin Ward. Information about him and how long he served as music minister for the church is hard to find. Jeff Switzer also contributed his talents to this record. His name is not immediately recognizable, but he was involved in several National Music Ministry Conference recordings under the direction of Lanny Wolfe. And when I "Google" his name with the word "Pentecostal," the first link is actually back to my own page! He was also involved in the Labourers Together project I shared last month!

So before the Christian Life College choir was rebranded as the CLC Youth Choir and CLC Mass Choir, we have this humble record. I am personally not sure how many records were released before Glen got involved with the church and college, but I hope if you know more about past records you take a moment and drop me a note in the comments section! I was lucky to get this record for a very low price from a retired minister who sold his collection to me!

Alas, from 1981, we have this great classic...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

P​.​B​.​I. Sings​-​Joy Bells

For the month of August, I am going to feature music from United Pentecostal Bible colleges!

First up, the Pentecostal Bible Institute, or PBI. They opened in the fall semester of 1945 in Tupelo, MS. (Fun fact: Brother CM Becton was one of 28 freshmen students in that first semester class!)

In the early 1960s they started releasing record albums. One thing of note is that the condition of this record is very good. Not mint, but it has held up well over the years. Unfortunately, the quality of the music is not great. There are some solos that are barely audible on some tracks and some solos that are nearly distorting the microphone on other tracks. While a historic recording, it was clear this was during a time that figuring out how to record a live choir was a challenge.

The choir is composed of students from the Pentecostal Bible Institute. Rev. M.D. Padfield Jr is the choir director here. He also served as president of the school.

While this particular record leaves a lot to be desired in terms of technical issues with the recording, it's a great and historic piece all the same. It is my pleasure to bring it to you today!

You can download this record HERE!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Sounds of Pentecost

In addition to the annual Harvestime Songfests, the Jackson College of Ministries held the annual National Music Ministry Conference. The first of these took place the week of February 9-13, 1976. Dubbed "a week to remember," it is a week to remember quite indeed! And it's been preserved on vinyl for me to share with you today.

The talents involved are a virtual who's who of United Pentecostal Music. This was a meeting of church choir directors and musicians. This first meeting had 250 participants representing the UPCI from 28 states.

There were seminars, sermons, and workshops through the first days of the conference. On Thursday, February 12, featured "The Sounds of Pentecost-A Tribute to Pentecostal Musicians", featuring a concert of the twelve musicians represented here.

You can download the great historic event HERE!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pentecostal Conquerors-Labourers Together

The full title of this record is "Labourers Together"-United Pentecostal Church International Illinois District - Pentecostal Conquerors.

That's quite a mouthful!

For the sake of this archival listing, I have posted it as simply "Pentecostal Conquerors" but make no mistake: this LP is not by a group of that name. This is a special compilation of music recorded by talented ministers and singers from the Illinois District to raise money for the state's Sheaves For Christ fund.

At the time this record was released, Rev. Stanley Chambers was the General Superintendent of the church and Rev. M.J. Wolff led the state district.

Some of the names of the groups here are rather generic or feature last names so, unfortunately, not a lot is know about all the people involved in this record. But I do see it was produced by Doug Davis, who has been involved in many Pentecostal albums, including a few of his own and with the Doug Davis Trio.

You can download this great compilation HERE!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Gospel Key Spotlights Bakersfield

Here is a rare compilation from the Gospel Key Records label out of Bakersfield, CA!

Unlike most compilations released by a record label, this collection does not feature works by every artist in their stable of recording artists. Instead, they focus on the work of three acts that spotlights the talent coming from the Bakersfield United Pentecostal Church.

The Parker Sisters, The Choralettes, and The Wilsons.

Of the acts included here, I found some information on the Parker Sisters. (They also performed and recorded with their brother as "The Singing Parkers.") 

Kathy married Mike Hayes and currently minister at the Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX. Sally married Tim Ayers and served as music ministers at the Covenant Church. She passed away Dec 23, 2004.

Sadly, looking at their website, it appears the Covenant Church strayed away from the Oneness of God and Jesus name baptism. But they were ministers in music for many years, and beloved by many through the 70s. The Parkers also performed at churches with the Gateway Choir. Sally contributed her vocal talents to the early Gateway Sounds albums under the direction of Lanny Wolfe.

Gospel Key Records is an amazing treasure trove of Pentecostal treasures of the past, without a doubt!

You can download this great compilation HERE!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pentecostals Sing

I promised compilations, I am going to bring you compilations!

For this blog, I end up doing more than preserving rare and classic records of Pentecostal music. Not by intent, but by necessity. Some records I come across are dirty, scratchy, skip, and otherwise horrible sounding.

As a result, to bring to you the best quality of these records I can, I end up doing a bit of restoration work on these albums.

To clean records, I recommend the "Vinyl Vac." Next to expensive sonic professional cleaning machines, I think this may be the best in restoring records. I know recent records I have shared in the past sounded much better after using the "Vinyl Vac" on them than they did before.

Unfortunately, cleaning wasn't enough for this record. Side one ends up sounding pretty good, with some minor scratches here that do not affect playback.

Side two, however, was a different story. And when more restoration needs to be done to the record, it can delay posting it. One track that suffers from damage to the vinyl is "How Great Thou Art." Another was Murrell Ewing's "More Than A Friend." Thankfully, for the latter, I have the original vinyl record that featured that song, so the copy of the song here actually comes from that album. (Trust me, it's the same version.) There is a scratch on the record that really affected "How Great Thou Art" that could not be avoided. Though I am happy to say that I managed to fix the serious skip in the record by holding my finger in front of the stylus so it didn't jump ahead when it hit the spot. Oh, the things I do to bring these records to you!

But that just makes the blog and transferring these albums all the more a labor of love. And surely, this is restoration. The final product that ends up digitally uploaded sounds better than the vinyl copy played by itself.

And this is a great record worthy of the extra time and labor to restore it. It appears to be a compilation of albums already available at the time. I personally only have the full record by one artist represented here (Murrell Ewing.) I have heard the Trimbles before (but sadly over the years lost their CD and or tapes I had by them.) I was thrilled to hear the Trimble Brothers here! Some great work! I will certainly add them to the saved searches on websites I shop at!

Also, this is a Harvestime Record, which puts it into the series of Harvestime compilations I shared in the past.

You can download this great treasure of the past HERE!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Nate Sabin-Wide Awake

OK, I know I teased compilations this month on my Facebook page, but for now here is a "bonus post!"

Nate Sabin was one of the artists I contacted to see if he'd mind me sharing his music on my blog. He respectfully asked me hold off as he was remastering the album himself.

And, WOW! I am thrilled to say the remaster sounds AMAZING!

Nate Sabin comes from Minnesota. His father, Robert Sabin, was among the leaders of the Oneness Pentecostal movement, and many may know that name. Nate is much more well known for his contributions to music and ministry, however. His name shows up on several releases through the late 80s and through the 90s. (In fact, he was a musician on the Tupelo Children's Mansion album "Be Somebody" I shared recently.)

I've listened to his music since his humble debut "Here I Am." (Now, if that ever gets remastered, I will be delighted!)

While he was and is known more for his contributions to the work of so many others, Nate took time out to release this amazing solo album.

You can stream it and/or download it (and support Nate directly!)

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lance & Merna Appleton-So Happy!

Wrapping up the second annual Vacation Bible School month with another rare Pentecostal children's classic! From 1977, not only a record from Lance Appleton, but a record from Lance and his wife Merna!

You can download this great treasure HERE!