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Friday, January 27, 2017

Gayla Bibb-The Parasol

Concluding another month long look at some of the best female singers in the United Pentecostal Church, I would be remiss if I did not share Gayla Bibb's seminal record, The Parasol.

Gayla Bibb is now Gayla Baughman. With her husband, they minister at the Life Church in Gilbert, AZ. Before then, they served in ministry at the Christian Life College in Stocton, CA for fifteen years. They planted two churches and pastored four. Among ministering in music, they have ministered with the written word, teaching, and evangelism.

She comes from Pocatello, Idaho. For many years, she sang with The Bible Singing Bibb Family, which put out four records. This was their third release. While it's credited to Gayla as a solo artist, it's clear this was a family affair and they helped her with the finished product.

This album features touches of country, mid 1970's soft pop, southern gospel, and some incredible inspirational tracks. My personal favorite is "I Love to Sing About Jesus."

Gayla wrote six of the ten songs on this album. And it's quite a fantastic record.

You can download it HERE!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bobbie Shoemake-Singing The Way I Feel

Unlike most artists I share on here, Sister Shoemake is still active in the music ministry and releasing new albums.

Unfortunately, her albums available since the turn of the millennium are only available digitally. But as I am sharing this for free here, I encourage you to go buy her albums today and support her amazing ministry. You can purchase her music at CD Baby or on Amazon.

This seems to be a commentary on modern society. We are seeing more and more physical media slipping away, especially in music, in favor of digital downloads. If there is a physical release for an independent artist, it's often a limited run and sold as a bonus in a social media fundraiser. Then, when they are sold out, that's it, folks. It's rather disappointing, actually.

Of course, here I am sharing digital downloads of physical media lamenting this fact. So I am not disparaging digital downloads as a whole. If only ten people want this download, then fine...ten people will get this download. Those those who want the physical record...well, I hope you find it! I don't have any for sale!

On her Facebook page, she wrote that singing is what she was born to do. Releasing CDs are a minor part of what her mission is. So, there is that.

And here we have it: Sister Bobbie Shoemake doing what she does best: Singing in ministry. I, for one, am glad this record was released and not just put out as a digital download that may have been forgotten about later on.

Manna Records was not, from what I understand, a label exclusively releasing United Pentecostal Records. Their staple artists were Doris Akers and Ralph Carmichael. On their Wikipedia page they do not even list Bobbie Shoemake among their stable of artists.

As it seems, there is little information about her post turn of the millennium music online. I have featured more music by her found on compilations (just click on the tag on this article) so I know there's more. Of course, I will continue searching for more of her music. If you personally know of other records by her, please drop me a note or leave a comment.

You can download the record HERE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Janet Trout-I've Been There

Continuing our month long look at some of the greatest female singers in the United Pentecostal Church, how could such a series be complete without the incomparable Janet Trout?

She was born Janet Varnado on 10-6-1937 in Lincoln County, Mississippi. When she was 13 years old she heard the call of God to minister to His sheep. In July 1955, she became a licensed minister in the Louisiana District.

With her parents, she served as a missionary to Jamaica starting in 1956. Over the next eleven years, along with her pastor father and Bible school teacher mother, thirteen churches were built to continue this wonderful Gospel message.

She married Rev. Wayne Trout in August 1958. They pastored for the next two years in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1961, they relocated to Dover, Delaware.

Over the next seven years, the church family grew and their needs expanded beyond their humble VFW Hall they rented as a makeshift church. In November 1968 they dedicated their new tabernacle. Their needs continued to grow and, in 1975, the Kent Christian Academy was founded with 105 students in their freshman year.

In 2005, Sister Trout established the International Biblical Institute in Jerusalem and Jordan.

Little is said about her musical ministry online, however. Yet we know she developed her love for Jerusalem and Jordan during this period. How? Well, this record, for one. The cover features a photo of her during a trip to Israel.

This record is produced by Joe Huffman. Joe was a co-founder of Mark Five Studios with Otis Forrest. Mark Five was not exclusively Pentecostal music, but they were instrumental (no pun intended) in getting several United Pentecostal musicians' projects released during the 1960's and the 1970's.

He was also a producer for Word Records and Benson Records. Word has released a small number of Pentecostal records, and Benson has released a good number as well. So, while these men may not not have been United Pentecostal, I would like to tip my hat to them in honor for their work to bring this music out for us to enjoy even to this day.

Please enjoy this fantastic record HERE.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vesta Mangun-Shoutin' on the Hills

This month has been one of lessons and surprises, for sure.

First, a couple of records I tried to digitize and share were of lesser quality than expected. Then one tape I bought in 2015 turned out to be completely warped and horrible sounding. All that time spent transferring the files ate up any time to find a record I could share. (And, to top it off, because I bought the tape in 2015 I had no recourse to get a refund for it. Oh, well...that's life.)

So that was my lesson: Check the quality of the tapes I buy right away before waiting too long to digitize them.

Then the surprise: I ran out of free downloads on my Bandcamp page.  I get 200 for free for a month and never dreamed I would run out. I figured this blog would remain on the fringe and never really be that popular. If I had fifty followers, I would feel like I had a fairly decent sized audience.

But something took off in the past month, apparently. And I had no idea what would happen if I ran out of free downloads. I guess I figured people would just be stuck streaming the music and couldn't download it. NOPE! Bandcamp automatically changed the sale price of every record on my page to $7.00.

Rest assured, dear reader: I DID NOT RAISE THE PRICES!

But somebody paid for a couple downloads. Bless that soul, their contribution went back into this blog and helped me buy more free download credits to keep the downloads free for the time being.

But what happens if/when I run out again? What do you think, dear reader? Should I set up a "pay what you want" option? That way you could still download for free. If somebody wanted to make a small donation, the money would go into buying more music for the blog. Not that I mind putting my own money into this. But I deplore the idea of Bandcamp suddenly changing the prices on all the albums I shared to $7.00.  Needless to say, I am not in this blog to make money. If I could set unlimited free downloads, I would.

But for now, they are free.

And I wrote all of that to keep you updated on what's going on.

So now I don't have much left to say about today's album. Mainly because I wrote about Vesta Mangun before.  Also, I have more to share from her, so another opportunity will come to write more about her incredible ministry and legacy.

But I will say this: I intended to have this month to feature some of my favorite female singers in the United Pentecostal Church. So please "stay tuned" for more!

Please sound off in the comments section or send me an email what you think I should do to prevent from running out of free downloads. If I go with a "Pay What You Want" option, I can set the default price at zero and the free downloads can still be had. But for now, the generous person who paid for some downloads when Bandcamp raised the prices on me helped keep it free for a while longer. God bless you, reader, you know who you are!

Feel free to download Vesta's record FOR FREE HERE!