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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bobbie Shoemake-Singing The Way I Feel

Unlike most artists I share on here, Sister Shoemake is still active in the music ministry and releasing new albums.

Unfortunately, her albums available since the turn of the millennium are only available digitally. But as I am sharing this for free here, I encourage you to go buy her albums today and support her amazing ministry. You can purchase her music at CD Baby or on Amazon.

This seems to be a commentary on modern society. We are seeing more and more physical media slipping away, especially in music, in favor of digital downloads. If there is a physical release for an independent artist, it's often a limited run and sold as a bonus in a social media fundraiser. Then, when they are sold out, that's it, folks. It's rather disappointing, actually.

Of course, here I am sharing digital downloads of physical media lamenting this fact. So I am not disparaging digital downloads as a whole. If only ten people want this download, then fine...ten people will get this download. Those those who want the physical record...well, I hope you find it! I don't have any for sale!

On her Facebook page, she wrote that singing is what she was born to do. Releasing CDs are a minor part of what her mission is. So, there is that.

And here we have it: Sister Bobbie Shoemake doing what she does best: Singing in ministry. I, for one, am glad this record was released and not just put out as a digital download that may have been forgotten about later on.

Manna Records was not, from what I understand, a label exclusively releasing United Pentecostal Records. Their staple artists were Doris Akers and Ralph Carmichael. On their Wikipedia page they do not even list Bobbie Shoemake among their stable of artists.

As it seems, there is little information about her post turn of the millennium music online. I have featured more music by her found on compilations (just click on the tag on this article) so I know there's more. Of course, I will continue searching for more of her music. If you personally know of other records by her, please drop me a note or leave a comment.

You can download the record HERE.

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