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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vesta Mangun-Shoutin' on the Hills

This month has been one of lessons and surprises, for sure.

First, a couple of records I tried to digitize and share were of lesser quality than expected. Then one tape I bought in 2015 turned out to be completely warped and horrible sounding. All that time spent transferring the files ate up any time to find a record I could share. (And, to top it off, because I bought the tape in 2015 I had no recourse to get a refund for it. Oh, well...that's life.)

So that was my lesson: Check the quality of the tapes I buy right away before waiting too long to digitize them.

Then the surprise: I ran out of free downloads on my Bandcamp page.  I get 200 for free for a month and never dreamed I would run out. I figured this blog would remain on the fringe and never really be that popular. If I had fifty followers, I would feel like I had a fairly decent sized audience.

But something took off in the past month, apparently. And I had no idea what would happen if I ran out of free downloads. I guess I figured people would just be stuck streaming the music and couldn't download it. NOPE! Bandcamp automatically changed the sale price of every record on my page to $7.00.

Rest assured, dear reader: I DID NOT RAISE THE PRICES!

But somebody paid for a couple downloads. Bless that soul, their contribution went back into this blog and helped me buy more free download credits to keep the downloads free for the time being.

But what happens if/when I run out again? What do you think, dear reader? Should I set up a "pay what you want" option? That way you could still download for free. If somebody wanted to make a small donation, the money would go into buying more music for the blog. Not that I mind putting my own money into this. But I deplore the idea of Bandcamp suddenly changing the prices on all the albums I shared to $7.00.  Needless to say, I am not in this blog to make money. If I could set unlimited free downloads, I would.

But for now, they are free.

And I wrote all of that to keep you updated on what's going on.

So now I don't have much left to say about today's album. Mainly because I wrote about Vesta Mangun before.  Also, I have more to share from her, so another opportunity will come to write more about her incredible ministry and legacy.

But I will say this: I intended to have this month to feature some of my favorite female singers in the United Pentecostal Church. So please "stay tuned" for more!

Please sound off in the comments section or send me an email what you think I should do to prevent from running out of free downloads. If I go with a "Pay What You Want" option, I can set the default price at zero and the free downloads can still be had. But for now, the generous person who paid for some downloads when Bandcamp raised the prices on me helped keep it free for a while longer. God bless you, reader, you know who you are!

Feel free to download Vesta's record FOR FREE HERE!

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