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Friday, June 30, 2017

Lance & Merna Appleton-So Happy!

Wrapping up the second annual Vacation Bible School month with another rare Pentecostal children's classic! From 1977, not only a record from Lance Appleton, but a record from Lance and his wife Merna!

You can download this great treasure HERE!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Tupelo Children's Mansion Part Four

There's no year on this one, but if I were to take a stab at a guess, I would say this must be from around 1990-1992. Just a hunch. The graphics and the music are quite dated, for example. Also, I know that Nate Sabin, who plays several instruments on this album, was quite prolific in United Pentecostal Music during this period, and appeared on a number of projects.

I do not have much more to add about the ministry, as I've written three blog posts about them before! But this is certainly one of the more rare releases from them. "Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House" may be their most well known recording, and it seems this one had a lower circulation. So it's a pleasure to bring it to you and make sure this doesn't fall into obscurity.

Also, how could I have a second annual Vacation Bible School Month and not include this ministry's music? They are the shining examples of children's music in the United Pentecostal Church!

You can download the full album HERE!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Songs for Pentecostal Children

The second annual Vacation Bible School Month ramps it up for a wonderful rarity from the history of Pentecostal music!

As with most records I share here, there is no year printed on the jacket or album label. My best guesstimate from the cover photo thinks this looks like it came from 1978 or so. Anybody know for sure?

Children's records in Pentecostal music seem to be rather rare. To find one as clean and sharp as this copy was sure a gift from God! I have no doubt He helped me find this to share with you!

The talent here is credited to Ruth Munsey, who wrote "most" of the songs according to the liner notes. The musical staff of the Evangelical Temple United Pentecostal Church in Hammond, IN contributed to the music as well.

Unfortunately, I did not score the accompanying book with this record, as pictured on the back cover. But this record is unique as it is the only record I know of officially released on the WAP (Word Aflame Press) label. Obviously, they were a publishing wing of the United Pentecostal Church. They may have released other records, but this is the first and only one I've found so far.

As you all know, I continue to look for more, and if I do, you can find the records here!

You can download this marvelous piece of history HERE!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ann Grant & The Little Lights-Bananas for the Lord

Much to my surprise, last year's "Vacation Bible School Month" was a resounding success! It amazed me to see that two of my all time most popular posts were from that one month! So that tells me that parents and more are digging these great kids' records with a great message!

So I bring to you Vacation Bible School Month 2!

First up is another great title from Ann Grant and the Little Lights. As best as I can tell, this is Ann's last album before her untimely and unfortunate demise from cancer. This is a fun album and she brings out some fun stories for this release that her grandmother, Jesse Norris, made infamous on her albums many years ago.

The joy Ann brought to the lives of those she touched was boundless and genuine. Surely, her "little light" was a brilliant light on a hill. She let her light shine for many to see. There really hasn't been anything like her since her passing.

This album was released on tape only in 1990. From the liner notes, here are those who contributed their talents to this record:

"Top Bannanas"
Grand piano-Cindy Wurch
Drums-Joe Bomn
Bass-Ann Grant, Joe Casolari
Orchestrations & engineer-Joe Casolari
Photography-Ann Grant, Greg Hanson
Graphics-Amy Bayles
Recorded and mixed-Crusade Studios, Flora IL 1990

Cover Photo (L-R)
Elizabeth Hanson (age 6)
Joe Bomn (age 13)
Amanda Hanson (age 13)
Ann Marie Ragon (age 9)
Andrew Baldridge (age 4)
Melissa Baldridge (age 10)

Back Photo (L-R)
Cindy Wurch
Connie Hanson
Ann Grant
Brad Bomn
Cheryl Page
Leticia Espana

Bunches of Bananas For:
Drew & Heather Baldride, Laurie Boivin, Greg & Connie Hanson, John & Sharon Ragon for a super weekend with your talented, energetic, & exciting children!
Renee Reed for bows for cover picture!
Sullivan, IL U.P.C. for your genuine hospitality all the time!
Kenneth, Becky, & Jennifer Belew for your creative writing and time given.
Cheryl Page for a home away from home, ingenious sound effects, & lighting!
Mom & Dad for all your support, love, encouragement, and believing in my "banana" ideas.

Truly, Ann was a treasure to many.

You can enjoy a piece of the treasure HERE!