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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pentecostals Sing

I promised compilations, I am going to bring you compilations!

For this blog, I end up doing more than preserving rare and classic records of Pentecostal music. Not by intent, but by necessity. Some records I come across are dirty, scratchy, skip, and otherwise horrible sounding.

As a result, to bring to you the best quality of these records I can, I end up doing a bit of restoration work on these albums.

To clean records, I recommend the "Vinyl Vac." Next to expensive sonic professional cleaning machines, I think this may be the best in restoring records. I know recent records I have shared in the past sounded much better after using the "Vinyl Vac" on them than they did before.

Unfortunately, cleaning wasn't enough for this record. Side one ends up sounding pretty good, with some minor scratches here that do not affect playback.

Side two, however, was a different story. And when more restoration needs to be done to the record, it can delay posting it. One track that suffers from damage to the vinyl is "How Great Thou Art." Another was Murrell Ewing's "More Than A Friend." Thankfully, for the latter, I have the original vinyl record that featured that song, so the copy of the song here actually comes from that album. (Trust me, it's the same version.) There is a scratch on the record that really affected "How Great Thou Art" that could not be avoided. Though I am happy to say that I managed to fix the serious skip in the record by holding my finger in front of the stylus so it didn't jump ahead when it hit the spot. Oh, the things I do to bring these records to you!

But that just makes the blog and transferring these albums all the more a labor of love. And surely, this is restoration. The final product that ends up digitally uploaded sounds better than the vinyl copy played by itself.

And this is a great record worthy of the extra time and labor to restore it. It appears to be a compilation of albums already available at the time. I personally only have the full record by one artist represented here (Murrell Ewing.) I have heard the Trimbles before (but sadly over the years lost their CD and or tapes I had by them.) I was thrilled to hear the Trimble Brothers here! Some great work! I will certainly add them to the saved searches on websites I shop at!

Also, this is a Harvestime Record, which puts it into the series of Harvestime compilations I shared in the past.

You can download this great treasure of the past HERE!

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